First Impressions

At Chandler First Assembly we believe that First Impressions are very important. Between the door and the pew our greeters and ushers will let you know they are glad you’re here.

Everyone at Chandler First Assembly is our guest. When you come on our campus we want you to know you are Respect, Accepted, and Valued by Everyone.

First Impressions Team consists of ushers and greeters.  The First Impressions Team has 5 Core Values to help you feel at home:

  • Connecting: people with people and with Jesus
  • Caring: Showing our guests we care.
  • Compassion: Showing love, acceptance, and forgiveness
  • Concern: For others who are hurting
  • Consideration: Putting others before ourselves.

“All in…Makes-a-Difference” at Chandler First Assembly!